The Breeze Lipe Resort

The Breeze Hotel situated on Koh Lipe offers more than just ‘rooms to stay’. With the warm welcome from our reception we aim to become fully part of your joyful holiday experience. From here, you start off your discovery of Koh Lipe its amazing 3 beaches centered around the hotel:

  1. Pattaya Beach (80 meters)
  2. Sunrise Beach (15 minute walk through Koh Lipe Walking Street)
  3. Sunset Beach (Easiest accessible by motorcycle taxi)

And of course Koh Lipe’s beautiful nearby islands, its easy going nightlife and incredible landscapes and views from various locations throughout the Island.

The Breeze Hotel – Koh Lipe offers a natural environment for special tourist like you that will follow their hart to a dream destination like Koh Lipe, Satun, Thailand.

We would like you to join us so we can assist and compliment your fantastic vacation at Koh Lipe, while residing in one of our accommodations less than a minutes’ walk of Koh Lipe its famed Pattaya Beach.