Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach on Koh Lipe

…which is fondly called Haad Pramong by the locals living on Koh Lipe, is a peaceful beach nestled in the northern part of Koh Lipe. Being one of the three main beaches on the island, Sunset Beach enjoys a steady stream of tourists that visit its laid back domain where rest and relaxation is the main agenda of the day.

While it’s main attraction can’t be viewed until the sun sets, there are certainly a number of things to do in Koh Lipe its Sunset Beach since it offers its visitors a wide array of fun activities during the day. The dry months of November to April are perfect for enjoying the clear blue sky and refreshing breeze while lying on deck chairs just a few meters away from the crystal blue waters.

Sunset Beach and its waters also serve a treat for those who want to take a peek at the world underneath the water’s surface. The high tide brings visits from snorkelers who get to revel in the beauty of its coral gardens, which serve as home to hundreds of colorful and exotic tropical fish who live in the magnificently clear waters Koh Lipe is blessed with.

Sunset Beach provides a breathtaking view of the setting sun amidst the beautiful sky. Take a stroll on its white sandy beaches and enjoy the view of this island paradise. Marvel at the play of colors in the horizon as the sun sets over Koh Lipe. Unlike some island destinations that have been overtaken by too much commercialization, Sunset Beach is still pretty simple, yet beautiful – providing its visitors a glance of Koh Lipe as it once was.

Restaurants on Koh Lipe its Sunset Beach area are ranging from very simply no-frill to comfortable and welcoming; treating their diners to a taste of authentic Thai cuisine that is as flavorful as it is mouth-watering, actually that is what guests get when they visit Sawan Resort its amazingly located restaurant looking out over Sunset Beach.

Here Island life is quintessentially laid-back and that is what to expect when The Breeze Hotel Guests visit Koh Lipe its Sunset Beach. Just a few minutes ride on a motorcycle taxi will bring you to this magical and vibrant part of the island Koh Lipe is also well known for.

The Breeze Koh Lipe being a brand-new hotel it is centered on what vacations should be – relaxing and comfortable with great service minus the high costs to top it all off. The Breeze Koh Lipe is perfect for vacationing families and friends and will provide the ideal comfort and rest after a fun-filled day at Sunset Beach.