Sunrise Beach

Koh Lipe, Sunrise Beach

Those dreams that we all have about white sands, sparkling blue seas, coconut trees and staying at a fantastic hotel resort that takes care of your every whim are something that usually stays locked away safely inside our imaginations. But it needn’t be that way, because there is a dreamy island in the South of Thailand that has all of these awesome features and so much more. Welcome to Sunset Beach Koh Lipe!

A Secret Paradise

Literally translated as ‘Paper Island’, Koh Lipe is one of the best kept secrets in the Andaman Sea and if your aim is to be one of the lucky people to come and share in this glorious destination and all that it offers, The Breeze welcomes you with open arms.

Your Arrival on Koh Lipe

If you’ve never experienced Thai hospitality before, prepare to be pampered! From the opening ‘Sawasdee!’ to the moment you wave farewell to this beautiful jewel in the orient, you will need to pinch yourself to realise that it isn’t just that wishful dream we spoke of earlier. You see, Koh Lipe is all about mixing the natural beauty of Southern Thailand with some of the best hotel facilities on the planet like The Breeze Hotel which is a brand new Hotel located only 80 meters away from Pattaya Beach which is Koh Lipe its main beach.

Koh Lipe Sunrise Beach

It’s no secret that these waters are home to some of the most stunning marine life you are ever likely to experience during your stay on Koh lipe, and divers but snorkelers too take advantage of this fact all year around. Even if you prefer to mix fine dining with lazing around on simply put a beautiful beach, you’ll certainly be well catered for on both fronts. Walk up North of Sunrise Beach and you will find wide stretches of powder soft beaches accomplished by crystal clear waters and stunning views of Koh Adang.  A wide variety of eateries and beach bars, such as The Elephant Bar are located across Sunrise Beach.  The diminutive size of Koh Lipe makes for an easy access to all three of the main beaches and the walking street area is just as easy to find. Thai food is known all around the world for its gorgeous combination of spice and fragrance, and Koh Lipe has a myriad of eateries ranging from street stalls to high end restaurants and fresh seafood barbeques all around.

Where to Stay?

You are going to be spoilt for choice because accommodation doesn’t come much more exciting and varied than here on Koh Lipe, but we would not hesitate in recommending The Breeze Koh Lipe. All of your tropical island desires will be met during your stay and the level of service is certainly beyond what poor Robinson Crusoe must have experienced. Located just 80 meters away from the beach situated in a beautiful garden it has been considered the perfect accommodation on Koh Lipe by both families as well as romantic couples getting away from it all for a week or even longer.

See You Soon?

We do hope that we have whetted your appetite for adventure to Koh Lipe. At the Breeze you will experience warm thai hospitality combined with a good level of luxury with more than enough room to enjoy that comfortable tropical island feeling we are all looking for oncew every while. When it comes to things to do in Koh Lipe, we’ve only begin to scratch the surface! At The Breeze you will be spoiled and pampered and those delicious memories will remain with you long after the golden tans have faded.